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Anne Zweipfenning

Anne’s DayOne

10 July 1989

Admitted to the Bar: August 2018, member of the Dutch Bar Association.


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Areas of Expertise

  • Business law

  • Employment law

  • Commercial contracts

  • Tenancy law commercial and office premises


Anne’s Way of Working

Anne always wants to fully understand her clients and their wishes. She will not rest until your case has been settled, she has given you clear and concise advice, or until you have a watertight contract. Her solid legal knowledge and remarkable analytical skills allow her to quickly get to the heart of the matter. Anne is just as much client orientated as she is result orientated, always seeking to provide practicable advice and pragmatic solutions.


“Legalese distracts from the message. To me it is important that my clients understand their own case, and can hold their own in discussions”.



In 2017, Anne graduated cum laude on Business Law from Tilburg University. From that same university she also obtained a Master’s degree in civil law, with an emphasis on Employment Law (2016). Anne is currently completing her professional lawyer training.  


Anne joined DayOne in February 2018.


Some Recent Examples from Anne’s Practice

  • Drafting various leases for commercial and office premises

  • Enforcing compliance with lease

  • Overseeing the accession and resignation of partners

  • Management contracts, shareholders agreements, collaboration/ joint venture agreements

  • Revising standard terms and conditions and other commercial contracts

  • Corporate takeovers

  • Assistance on the dismissal of employees and statutory directors

  • Temporary workers and payrolling under the Balanced Labour Market Act (Wet arbeidsmarkt in balans)

  • Privacy in the workplace

  • Counselling clients on comparative advertising

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