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Edith Groenewegen-Caris

Edith’s DayOne

27 July 1977

Admitted to the Bar: August 2000, member of the Dutch Bar Association


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     +31 6 51 11 61 55

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Areas of Expertise

  • Business law: takeovers (M&A), demergers, accession and retirement of partners, overseeing of corporate governance, restructuring, drafting corporate contracts (like shareholders agreements and management agreements), resolving disputes within a company (for instance among shareholders or between shareholders and the board)

  • Procedural law: Advising on commercial (liability) disputes, disputes concerning the termination of agreements and alliances, claims in tort and breach of contract, shareholders disputes, professional and directors liability issues, disciplinary cases (for instance, Accountancy Division, Division for Notarial Matters)

  • Contract law: Drafting and negotiating commercial, ICT and corporate contracts, drafting of standard terms and conditions


Edith’s Way of Working

In addition to being a lawyer and litigator through and through, Edith is a strategic advisor and sparring partner for entrepreneurs. Always looking for creative solutions, never losing sight of the client’s interests and objectives. Committed and dedicated. Strong analytical skills. Fully familiar with all the intricacies of the facts and the law.

A wide variety of national and international companies have been with Edith for many years. She feels privileged that she is in a position to see companies operate from close up and to make a difference where it really matters. Besides a broad advisory practice she has an extensive litigation practice. Widespread network with other professionals in finances and corporate.

Member of the Dutch Bar Association, NCD (the Dutch Association of Board Members and Supervisory Board Members), The Hague Chapter, and the Corporate Litigation Association.  



Lawyer since 2000. In 2006 Edith successfully completed the post-graduate program Corporate Structures (corporate law) at Grotius Academy, followed by several other specialist degree programs. In 2016 one of the founders of DayOne.


Clients about Edith

‘Over the past twenty years I have worked with many lawyers of almost all major firms in the Netherlands, and many of them were good. However, I found working with Edith, her dedication and proactive approach special and very positive, also compared to my other experiences. Edith always knew how to strike the right balance between my views as the client, and her own views. She knew how to present her views pleasantly and persuasively, while considering what I said and what I thought. I was impressed by her desire/demand to understand all details of a case, technical as well as general ones. […] Another positive quality of Edith is, in my opinion, her capacity to untangle and interpret the jumble of information and differences in opinion. What’s more, in her communications to all parties involved she always knew how to strike the right tone. This made her highly effective.’


“Edith is so much more than a good professional advisor and lawyer. She is an excellent listener and puts herself in her client’s shoes, so she can truly understand her client’s thoughts. She really delves into the subject matter, and through sparring helps you reach a solution. […] In short, she’s a partner to me through thick and thin, and has been for more than a decade.’


Co-Workers about Edith

“Edith has a thorough knowledge of the files, and is hugely driven. She wants to get to the bottom of everything and leaves nothing to chance. She’s a formidable opponent, and you should not only fear her bark but her bite as well! She can be like a terrier when she has to be. But as a co-worker and advisor to clients she is actually very amicable, helpful and always cheerful.”  


Some Recent Examples from Edith’s Practice

  • Advising seller (shares transaction) on the sale of various operating companies in soil development

  • Counselling the majority shareholder of an online hiring platform on the participation by an investment company

  • Counselling two shareholders on the settlement of an earn-out and share put option and drafting and negotiating a settlement agreement and the notarial settlement

  • Advising the director/shareholder (50%) of a nationally operating furniture store in a dispute with a co-director/shareholder, and ultimately the acquisition of a 100% stake 

  • Counselling a globally operating firm of engineers on improving their corporate governance in the Netherlands

  • Advising a globally operating firm of architects, with offices in the Netherlands and abroad, on the restructuring of their company and the accession of new shareholders

  • Counselling shareholders of various companies on the dismissal of a director under the articles of association

  • Drafting and negotiating major ICT contracts between a big IT supplier and several Dutch banks

  • Drafting agreement regarding a strategic alliance to perform IT services

  • Litigating in the first instance and on appeal on behalf of a nationally operating public limited orthodontics company, about the claim filed by a shareholder seeking resignation (pursuant to Section 2:343 Dutch Civil Code), a manifestly unreasonably dismissal claim and claim in tort, as well as a claim of the company about considerations paid to the former director under the articles of association, to name a few.

  • Litigating in the first instance and on appeal on behalf of a metropolitan cluster of 23 municipalities regarding the (termination of) agreements with the worldwide market leader in outdoor advertising and urban furniture

  • Overseeing the conclusion of various commercial contracts;

  • Counselling a franchise organisation in the travel industry on the updating of its contracts with their franchisees, its handbook and franchise terms

  • Counselling the landlord of a commercial building on a dispute with its tenant, and conducting litigation seeking a change in the lease (pursuant to Section 2:334R Dutch Civil Code) following a division by the tenant.

Edith Groenewegen has registered the following principal (and secondary) legal practice areas in the Netherlands Bar’s register of legal practice areas (rechtsgebiedenregister):


- Corporate law

  • Agency agreements and distribution agreements

  • Professional liability

  • Directors’ liability

  • Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

  • Private and limited companies

  • Associations and foundations


Based on this registration, she is required to obtain ten training credits per calendar year in each registered principal legal practice area in accordance with the standards set by the Netherlands Bar.

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