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Our expertise:

Business Law

DayOne advises clients on issues of business law in the broadest sense, and will litigate where necessary. Such issues include:

  • ‘Book 2’ (of the Dutch Civil Code)

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Accession and resignation of shareholders / partners

  • Corporate contracts, such as shareholders agreements and management agreements

  • Commercial contracts such as cooperation agreements, contracts for services, agency agreements and distribution agreements

  • Liability issues and disciplinary cases (board of managing directors and supervisory directors, professionals)

  • Commercial lease law


Employment Law and Public Service Law

DayOne advises on and litigates all types of employment issues. Examples are:

  • Individual and collective dismissal proceedings

  • Appointment and dismissal of directors (under the articles of association) of companies and other legal entities

  • Reorganisations and takeovers

  • Law on collective bargaining agreements (cao)

  • Employee’s participation procedures (Works Council)

  • Drafting contracts such as employment contracts, termination agreements, contracts for services, secondment agreements and redundancy plans

  • The legal position of public servants, from appointment to dismissal

  • Advice on the Executives’ Pay (Standards) Act, the Works Councils Act and a wide range of other related acts.



DayOne’s specialities include intellectual property law, information and communications technology, media law and privacy. These areas of law cover:

  • Copyrights

  • Neighbouring rights

  • Trademark law

  • Design law / model law

  • Trade name law

  • Media law

  • Image rights

  • Unlawful publications by the press / defamation

  • Freedom of expression versus privacy / protection of reputation and reputation management



DayOne’s lawyers are highly skilled in handling simple and complex ICT issues such as:

  • Interactive marketing

  • E-commerce and distance sales

  • Software licences

  • Partnering agreements

  • Escrows


DayOne specialises in:

  • GDPR

  • Data Breaches (Reporting Obligation) Act

  • related matters including Telecommunications Act  (ban on spamming)

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