General terms and conditions DayOne Advocaten

  1. DayOne Advocaten is a partnership that engages  in legal and attorney work. DayOne Advocaten has its registered office in The Hague, the Netherlands, and is listed in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce under number 92274013.

  2. Sections 7:404 and 7:407 paragraph 2 of the Dutch Civil Code do not apply. DayOne Advocaten regards all assignments as having been entrusted exclusively  to DayOne Advocaten, and not to any (legal) persons associated with DayOne Advocaten, even if the assignment is intended, implicitly or explicitly, to be executed by a specific person associated with DayOne Advocaten.

  3. Any liability of (legal) persons (indirectly) affiliated with DayOne Advocaten, including its lawyers and employees, is hereby excluded. None of these will be  personally bound.

  4. Any liability of DayOne Advocaten is limited to the amount paid under the professional liability insurance taken out by DayOne Advocaten, to be increased by the excess amount that must be paid by DayOne Advocaten under the policy terms. If for whatever reason no payment is made under the professional liability insurance, any liability of DayOne Advocaten will be limited to the amount equal to twice the amount received by DayOne Advocaten in fees (exclusive of VAT) in the file concerned over the twelve months preceding the day on which the claim has arisen, up to EUR 50,000 maximum.

  5. Any claim for compensation will lapse by expiry of twelve months after the day on which the principal has learned of the loss or damage and of DayOne Advocaten as the liable party.

  6. DayOne Advocaten is not liable for any errors committed by intermediaries or subcontractors engaged by DayOne Advocaten in the performance of an assignment.

  7. The legal relationship between DayOne Advocaten and its clients is governed by Dutch law exclusively. The Court of The Hague has exclusive jurisdiction over all disputes between DayOne Advocaten and its clients.

  8. These general terms and conditions apply not just to DayOne Advocaten but also to all persons engaged by DayOne Advocaten in the execution of an assignment for a client, as well as to former members of staff and their legal successors, if they are held liable, even after they have left DayOne Advocaten’s employ.

  9. The file is kept for ten years, after which DayOne Advocaten can destroy the file at its own discretion.

  10. These general terms and conditions also apply to supplementary and follow-up assignments for clients.